My wife and I live in Uniontown, PA and are looking for Players for a 5th Ed D&D campaign. We will host in our home and can play once a month or every other week for 4 – 6 hour Game Nights . We have plenty of seating, Fridge, Microwave, Stove, WiFi, and ALL 5th Ed D&D books. We are in our thirties and the game will be for grown ups. Younger players are accepted if they have a parent/guardian playing too. Couples and/or their children are more than welcome. We have two youngens ourselves (girl, 7/boy, 11) who like to play video games, watch movies, and play in the yard on the trampoline. We truly understand family comes first and don’t mind brakes at all as needed. Please message me, Killian_Wargear, for more info and/or questions. Thank you.

The Great Blue Dragon